Saturday, 9 March 2013

Culori, stråzi... si vise.

 De prin istorioarele gåsite de Binnur in tzara ei natalå  Turcia :-), care pur si simplu må face så-mi doresc acum o mini vacantzå.
"Alaçatı, a village 72 km (45 miles) west of İzmir near the tip of the Çeşme peninsula, is one of Aegean Türkiye's up-and-coming vacation getaway havens. Visitors come for the charming old stone houses on narrow streets lined with sidewalk cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Over 80 small inns and boutique hotels provide hospitality. Among the most eager visitors are windsurfers, who come for the predictable brisk winds over a safe, wave-less, sand-bottom bay.

There are numerous stories about the name Alaçatı. According to some, Alaca At (Red Horse) is used for the whole area. Their claim is based on a story, that the ruler of Alaçatı had a red horse to ride. When riding the horse, bystanders would refer to him as "Alacaatlı (the man on the red horse)", in time the name was somehow changed to Alaçatı.

Alaçatı became an Ottoman town in the 14th century. Ottoman Greek workers from the Aegean islands were brought to the mainland to drain malaria-breeding marshes around 1850. The Ottoman-Greek workers and their families liked what they found (when the malaria was gone), and stayed in the Turkish lands.

The Greek population of Alaçatı was forced to leave in 1914 and the village was emptied. Most of the Greeks returned in 1919 during Greek administration of İzmir (1919-1922) when the Greek Army invaded the region of Izmir, Türkiye. The majority of Greek fled hastily with the retreating Greek Army following Greece's defeat in the Turkish Independence War, whilst others fled from the shores of İzmir.

The unilateral emigration of the Greek population, already at an advanced stage, was transformed into a population exchange backed by international legal guarantees. Under the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 and according to the implementation of the compulsory exchange of populations, Muslims who lived in Crete,Thrace, Macedonia and Dodecanese settled in motherland.
Source-çatı "


Anonymous said...

Nu stiu exact daca îmi doresc sa ajung în Turcia! Cred ca prefer Tenerife! :)))))

Ella said...

Da... super, destinatzia nr. 1 pt. nordici, inså dupå douå ture pt. mine nu prea a mai råmas nimic nou sub soare pe insulitzele alea :D .... Cel putzin eu una må plictisesc repede de lenevitul la soare si de aceea caut locatzii unde pot face lungi ture in naturå, in sigurantzå :D