Wednesday 30 December 2009

Snowing day...

Very strange year...with long hot summer,and winter almost without snow,here in Nordland-Mo I Rana.But after long,long waiting weeks today from early cold morning start snowing time.Hope to not end very soon.We need more then 40cm to open for slalom ski .Last weekend we was for slalom ski in Sweden - Hemavan.Anyway was nice there,but here it`s better ;0).
In Hemavan ( in this time last year was twice more tourists, but with this economical problems Europeans citizens do`t travel the same.

Sunday 27 December 2009

Season holiday

It`s my favorite time of the,winter...time for everything ,like reading or watching old films.I use to read my friends bloggs ,but never have anough time to leave comments or to write something new in mine.I just love to use my free time walking on the mountain,and taking a lot of pictures in nature.Today I finish to read "12" my first book after sommer holiday :P...

Best wishes and happy holidays to everyone!