Friday 13 June 2008 fav. birds

Not too far from my small town is Lovund island where live a big puffin colony,but not the largest from the North Sea,that is on the Isle of May.
Puffin numbers on the island have fallen from 69,300 pairs of the birds in 2003 to 41,000 pairs now in 2008.In 2003, their population was still increasing at a rate of about 10 per cent a year, making this downturn all the more unexpected.There's been some change in their native environment in the last couple of years. One possibility is that there's been a big change in the sea, from intense fishing and marine climate change. This has affected the development of plankton, which in turn has an impact on the numbers of fish for the puffins to eat. This is a warning ?!I've been concerned that something has gone wrong in their environment. But who care about this?!...just a few people :(