Sunday 28 December 2008

Just ...

...this ugly days of holiday I hated,when is +4`C and all most snow is done,and from time to time is raining :(( .In my mind come pice of bad news from round the world,or"children should watch no more than two hours of TV a day to protect their future health,” the study warned, adding that parents should “lead by example” and turn the TV off...but it`s nothing else to do.Read for 2 hours,watch TV for another 2,and take a walk for another 2.........and what else then back to computer or TV :D

I read somewhere about computer it`s better then TV for kids,and I think it`s truth, because the body language says it all. At a computer, children can get a reaction. They can be mentally active and emotionally responsive when engaging with quality computer software or emailing friends.
Good computer content can enable children to engage actively, to be creative and to grow intellectually. Of course children need to be physically active and everyday they should be outside playing, cycling, and running about at some point. But there are times when it is necessary to be indoors and if there is a computer to hand, well let’s see children use it to best effect. With a little help from parents – or grandparents - the computer becomes a really valuable tool.

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Tunde said...

aici am putut doar lasa comment asa ca iti multumesc pt urari ... asa sa fie si merci ca ai trecut pe la mine sa mai vi ... o saptamana usoara ... pupici