Monday, 3 August 2009

I was in holiday and a little too busy after,but now I was listening to "Man in the mirror" and I just want to write about the man who died in this sommer.Michael Jackson,a great singer for whos death I was verrrry sorry.I wasn`t a fan before ,but some of his great hits I was listening very often.Now I was a little surprise to hear on radio that this song is on top 20.And I wonder why?Why this song?MJ had many others songs better then this...for me,this has always been my favourite MJ song hands down! It simply states something that is greater than going "out there" and being a "crusader of good". If every person cared about the person in the mirror , then the world would be a better place, simple, true and powerful message! Musically this song has a strong spirit and is one of the best MJ songs that has an "epic" approach to songs much like Earth Song. It`s a shame that it`s getting it`s success now after the demise of MJ. He would have been so happy.

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