Friday, 7 August 2009

Blamed working mom’s

Since I left 2-nd university year and get married I keep a tidy, clean house and share domestic tasks with my husband. But suddenly household duties start to worried me in my 30th year.I wa wonder "What is happening to me!! "Surely I want to be an independent career woman with a life outside the home able to make conversations about things beyond soft furnishings and baking? Well, yes of course,but I was thinking and hope that all this changes not afect my fam. Well everythink it`s OK ,and I enjoy my work and I`m back to study again :P
Today I was reading about childrenhood who is missing to a lot of kids those days.They are send too early to childrengarden,where they learn a lot of things ,but not the same things like we was learn at homes from our moms.And yes,I think about my childrenhood,about my Mom who made me share my toys with other children and give to those less fortunate. She made me respect animals, even tiny spiders, and taught me how to love and be kind, putting the needs of others first.My mom didn’t really put pressure on me to achieve academically, just to do my best and try. And I was just love to try everythink.But my father did push me to achieve and was obsessed with me getting a profession even though my skills and personality were not suited to what he had in mind.He has never quite forgiven me for not signing up to his ideology of success and money above all things, and was horrified when I wanted to get married and just have a family.But to the end he was and it`s happy to be grandfather to my boy.It was a balanced fam. where I was a verrry lucky child.And this I try with my boy and at my work with all kids :)

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